Open to the public on Monday, June 9th.

Monday through Friday from 11am - 3pm. Located at the NE corner of Citygarden (808 Chestnut St.) 314.621.3236


Marinated olives. [5]
Spicy eggplant dip, warm pita. [6]
Hummus, roasted vegetables, warm pita. [6]
Crushed fried fingerling potatoes, ranch dressing. [6]
House made charcuterie, lonza, coppa, bresaola, ants on a log mostarda, house butter, baguette. [12]
Chef’s cheese selections, gres d’alsace, indiazabal, point reyes orginal blue, mostarda, fruit leather, bread. [14]


- For $3, add a side salad or a side of fingerling potatoes to your sandwich -
Japanese steamed buns, fish sauce pickles, daikon carrot slaw.
Choice of: pork belly, charred tuna, or duck confit [5.5 each]
Choice of: mushrooms or tofu [4.5 each]
Hot pastrami, pastrami mayo, sauerkraut, pretzel roll. [12]
Grilled lemon & herb chicken spiedie skewer, italian roll, provolone cheese. [10]
Grilled lamb spiedie, tzatziki sauce, romaine lettuce, radish, mint, cucumber salad served in warm pita. [12]
Grilled fish, pickles, malt vinegar mayo, fennel lemon salad, soft roll. [12]
Italian sub, house cured coppa, mortadella, lonza, giardiniera, oil, vinegar, oregano, pecorino. [12]
Falafel, tzatziki sauce, cucumber mint salad, romaine, tomato, served with warm pita. [9]
House made all beef hot dog, poppy seed bun, yellow mustard, tomato, neon green relish, spicy peppers. [9]
American-stuffed grass fed cheeseburger, calabrian chili aioli, lettuce, tomato, soft bun.
SingleĀ  [9]
Double [13]
Triple [16]


Vietnamese grilled beef, tatsoi, fried garlic, ginger, puffed rice, peanuts, sesame seeds. [12]
Chicken spiedie chopped salad, chickpeas, romaine lettuce, olives, feta, tomatoes, cucumbers. [11]
Caesar, romaine & kale lettuce, pecorino, anchovy, roasted garlic crouton. [10]
Add grilled chicken [+3]
Bibb lettuce, fried shallots, tomatoes, blue cheese, roasted shallot dressing. [9]
Grilled broccoli, confit carrot, romesco, almond, manchego. [10]

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